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  • How does a photo shoot proceed?
    After booking, you will receive a confirmation along with a short questionnaire. This questionnaire helps me understand your expectations and preferences for the photo shoot, ensuring a unique, tailored experience for you. If needed, we can also have a consultation via chat or video chat to develop a concept that reflects your personality and distinctive style. On your scheduled date, we will meet either at my studio or the agreed-upon location. In the studio, you can freshen up, choose an outfit from my collection if desired, and make any wardrobe changes. Then, the photo shoot begins. If you wish, I can assist you with posing. A few days after the shoot, I will provide you with an initial overview of your images in an online gallery. There, you can select the photos you'd like me to retouch. If you decide on more images than included in your package, you can purchase additional photos through my website. Within two weeks at the latest, I will upload the edited images to your gallery for download. I keep your photos for at least one year, allowing you to purchase additional images during this time. If there is an exhibition agreement, I may store the images for a longer duration.
  • Image selection and ordering
    Each package includes a specific number of images that can be chosen either in person with me or conveniently from home digitally. Additionally, you have the option to order extra prints or digital copies to capture even more delightful moments from your photo shoot.
  • Studio Wardrobe
    In my collection, you'll find suitable dresses, corsets, draperies, jewelry, hair accessories, and other accessories for your personalized FineArt portrait. Each of these elements contributes to transforming your photo into a true work of art.
  • Can I exclusively book the pre-made packages?
    Even though I offer predefined packages, I am happy to create a photo session tailored to your individual preferences. If you have a specific location or setting in mind, let's discuss it. Together, we can bring your vision to life.
  • Are your shoots also suitable for beginners?
    Absolutely! I assist you from the beginning, helping with preparation, posing guidance, and selecting your images.
  • How do I get to your studio?
    My studio is located in Dormagen, at Düsseldorfer Straße 122. The area where my studio is situated is secured by a gate. Just ring the bell with my name, and I'll come to greet you and let you in. You can then park on the premises.
  • Can I bring a companion with me?
    Certainly, a companion is always welcome because it's important to me that you feel comfortable and safe. It's best to let me know in advance if you plan to bring someone so that we can prepare some extra coffee and water for your companion ;)
  • Do you offer installment payments?
    You can either use the installment payment feature provided by Paypal or select "Ratenzahlung" (installment payment) during checkout. Following your booking, an invoice will be sent to you. After the initial payment, subsequent monthly payments will be automatically deducted from your chosen payment method. Alternatively, you can also pay with credit card, Klarna Sofort, or ApplePay.
  • Will I have to pay any additional costs?
    Basically, no. Additional costs only arise if: Your makeup request requires more time than covered in the makeup artist's package. Your desired shooting location is more than 35 km away from my studio. In this case, I ask you to schedule a consultation for a custom shoot so that I can provide you with a suitable quote.
  • What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?
    No problem at all. Just reach out to me via the chat or contact form at the bottom right of my page, and we'll arrange a new appointment.
  • Do you also do collaborations?
    I do not work on a TFP (Time for Print) basis. As a full-time photographer, I need to generate sufficient income to continue my profession. This is only possible through an adequate number of paid assignments. It is important to me to create equal conditions for everyone and not to favor or disadvantage anyone. If I undertake free projects, it is exclusively done with my small team of regular collaborators.
  • Will you publish my pictures?
    Certainly not without your explicit permission. If you wish to allow me to publish it (on Instagram, my website, etc.), we will handle it in writing through a contract.
  • Can I also get unedited photos from you?
    No, I generally do not provide unedited images, including images with watermarks and basic retouching.
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