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Jeanne - Shooting Special

Jeanne d'Arc inspired Shooting with Gowns by Anton Krug


The package includes: 📸 Half an hour of shooting 💄 1 hour of professional make-up 👗 The choice between two stunning designer dresses by Anton Krug – one fitting up to a waist measurement of 80cm and the other starting from 80cm in circumference 🪡 Metal armor pieces for shoulders, arms, and chest, as well as a black Renaissance greatsword, and if desired, access to curly/wavy long-hair wigs (blonde, brown, black, and red) 📷 3 pictures in total – 1 portrait, 1 half-length, and 1 full-length shot The price for this exclusive package is 380€ and includes both the make-up and the selection of the two beautiful designer dresses. You can pay the amount in full or in 4 installments.

  • 380 Euro
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