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Weightless shooting in a flight harness


Duration: 80 Minutes 45 minutes of studio shooting 15 minutes for makeup touch-up/ dressing Approximately 20 minutes for harness setup. ​ Included Photos: 3 (two full-body portraits, one knee-length portrait or a portrait) ​ BEFORE THE SHOOT: FREE CONSULTATION ​ Before heading into the studio, we'll discuss your ideas and desires in a free consultation via chat, call, or video (Instagram/Facebook, WhatsApp). Additionally, you'll receive access to a brief quiz in your confirmation email, helping us better understand your perfect shoot. ​ MAKEUP AND STYLING ​ Professional makeup can be optionally added. (See below. The price is listed without VAT and can be paid directly to the HMUA in cash at the shoot.) ​ OUTFITS AND PREPARATION FOR THE SHOOT ​ You can either bring your own outfit or choose from my collection. Note that the harness loops for suspension on the ropes are located at belly button height on the sides. Ensure your outfits have side openings or are two-piece to attach the harness without damaging the clothing. For added comfort, bring seamless skin-colored bike shorts. This will prevent the harness from rubbing against your thighs/waist. ​ AFTER THE SHOOT: SELECTION AND EDITING ​ After the shoot, you'll select two full-body shots and one portrait. I'll edit these for you, and approximately 14 working days later, they'll be available for download. Additional images can be booked if needed. ​ PAYMENT AND SAFETY NOTICE ​ If you prefer to pay in installments, we'll send you an invoice after booking. Monthly deductions will be made automatically from your chosen payment method after the first payment. ​ Please note that the flight harness is approved for a maximum load of 120 kg. Your unique experience should not only be magical but also safe.

  • 1 Std 30 Min.
  • 440 Euro
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